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Busch has always called the great outdoors home and been the beer of choice for those who like to hike, fish, or hunt in America’s National Forests. After a record year of forest fires in 2018, Busch was eager to help the NFF raise awareness and plant trees through multiple activations including TreeRoll, the first ever pre-roll ad to donate to a good cause.

In short, the integrated campaign got a lot of eyes on our partnership and cause, donated a total of $200K, and helped the National Forest Foundation plant the most trees it’s ever planted in a single year.

TREEROLL: Our skippable pre-roll ad informed viewers in the first five seconds that if they didn’t skip the ad, a tree would be planted on their behalf in a National Forest. Three out of four viewers watched the entire ad, almost doubling YouTube’s benchmark for view-through rate. In less than 24 hours, we reached Busch’s goal and planted over 50,000 trees – one tree for every person who didn’t skip